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Operation My Home Town (OMHT) Re-Entry Program

YFSB understands that former offenders who have the resources to meet basic needs and are motivated to take steps towards creating a more constructive life will be less likely to commit crimes and go back to jail and prison.

OMHT Case Managers connect with people while they are still incarcerated to help plan for their needs and goals upon release. Linkage is provided to programs inside the jail and to outside housing, employment, family supports, legal advocacy, drug and alcohol treatment, health care, recreational activities, educational resources, and social services.

YFSB is proud to share our extremely promising first year evaluation of Operation My Home Town (OMHT). Thank you Dr. Danielle Toussaint and Hatchuel Tabernick & Associates for this statistical validation of our evidence evidence-based re-entry model. Please see the link below for the final OMHT evaluation report. The evaluation can be found here

Please call (510) 667-3642 to speak to a YFSB Case Manager about eligibility for this program or email us at